Barbell Club (Olympic Weightlifting)


What is Barbell Club?

Barbell Club will introduce RPM members to group exercise using a combination of free-weight and body weight exercises. Members will learn technical aspects of exercising with barbells while increasing joint range of motion, mobility, and stability as well as whole body strength.

 Oylmpic Lifting at RPM.png

What will Barbell Club consist of?

The main focus of each class will be the technical instruction of compound exercises (exercises the utilize many muscles per movement). The primary compound exercises used in this class will consist of Olympic weightlifting movements and other foundational strength training exercises. The second half of each class will be a metabolic conditioning circuit to challenge members’ cardiovascular capacity, strength and endurance.


What if I am a beginner?

Barbell Club will accommodate members with all levels of experience. Exercises will progress at each individual’s pace as they become more proficient with each exercise.