RPM Personal Training

Improve your aerobic capacity, muscular strength and flexibility by partnering with a trainer to develop a program customized to your needs.

Your program begins with a fitness assessment so you have a baseline to measure your improvement over time. You’ll discuss your fitness goals: are you attempting to lose fat, tone, prepare for a particular challenge or just improve overall health?

Then the work begins – your program will be challenging, but always fun and safe. Your sessions will evolve as your fitness level improves so you never get too comfortable; you won’t plateau with this one-on-one attention. At the end of your sessions you will have another fitness assessment to gauge your success. Ready for the next adventure?



A little healthy competition can bring out the best in all of us! Your instructor will arrange a group workout that will raise everyone’s game with a fun and challenging programme.

"Buddy Training" is a terrific way to raise your motivation while your trainer monitors technique and makes sure nobody cuts any corners. The only thing you’ll have to figure out on your own is who buys the coffee afterwards!




If you are currently going through the rehabilitation process and are trying to reduce the likelihood of a recurring injuries, our licensed physiotherapists can help. Our physiotherapists provide a personalized hand-on approach and will design a customized individual treatment and exercise program to help you feel like yourself again!

Our goal is to help you understand practical alternatives to treating your current issue and preventing the recurrence of future injuries. Your therapy program will focus on treating the injury and creating the foundation for a healthier, injury resistant total person in the end.

Please visit our RPM Physiotherapy site for more information:  www.rpmphysiotherapy.ca




RPM specializes in functional fitness training. In addition to our personal training and physiotherapy services we offer a variety of group classes that will challenge your aerobic and muscular endurance and improve your overall flexibility.

With over 50 Spinning, Gravity and TRX classes offered every week you will blast to a leaner, stronger body while improving core stability and flexibility. Regardless of which class you choose you’ll love the motivating group environment, top-notch instructors and state of the art machinery.