Core ReConnect

RPM Welcomes a new addition Laura Wood

Laura -16


Laura is thrilled to bring her 6 weeks Core ReConnect program to RPM that is specifically designed to safely effectively retrain the core muscles, create overall strength, release tension and improve postural habits. 

Join Laura Wood, prenatal and postnatal yoga+pilates teacher, Core Confidence Specialist and doula, as she offers women a holistic and whole body approach to postpartum re-training.

This 6-week series is specifically designed to help women reconnect and re-strengthen their bodies in a safe and effective way after birth. 
Cost of the class is $227 +HST for the 6 weeks program held at RPM Total Fitness at 2968 Dundas Street West.
Classes focus on the following:
  • Restoring function to the deep core muscles and abdominals.
  • Focusing on posture, breathing and functional movements. 
  • Each class draws on yoga, pilates and functional exercises.
  • Movement practice that releases over worked muscles.
  • Restoring core function and overall strength so mothers feel stronger and more energized.
This series is for women who are at least 8 weeks post partum and have received clearance from their health care provider for exercise. All babies up to early crawlers welcome.

Laura is a Bellies Inc. Certified Core Confidence Specialist who focuses on maintaining and restoring core functions for women. You can find out more about Laura and her approach at 

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