Team Kooner Boxing

Join Team Kooner Boxing and Learn About his "12 Round" Boxing Program!

 Have you ever wanted to learn about boxing as a means to your own personal health and fitness (i.e. nobody hits you back!)? Did you know that you could burn up to 1,000 calories in a single one-hour intensive boxing-exercise session?  If you are looking to improve your confidence and learn the the Sweet Science of Boxing, then don't miss this!

 Andrew Kooner

RPM Total Fitness is proud to present Andrew Kooner, two-time Canadian Oylmpic Boxer and former Professional boxer.

  • 2xOlympian • 10x Canadian Amateur Champion • Commonwealth Games Silver and Bronze • Pan Am Games Bronze • Under 19 World Silver • 125-25 amateur • Canadian Professional champion


Andrew is coming to introduce his 12 ROUND Training Program. a tailor-made exercise program built around your personal fitness goals. Training focuses on fundamental and authentic boxing training techniques, including pad work, skipping, drills and interval training to reach your fitness goals. 

The 12 ROUND Boxing program is designed for training up to four people at a time. Join Team KOONER for a session that will show you how boxing will improve your reflexes, reduce body fat, shape and define your muscles and impart valuable self-defense training while having fun.


12 Rounds of Boxin

(12 week life changing program)

(all weeks will consist of high intensity boxing workout)

Round 1 - Work on proper hand placement and The Boxing Stance

Round2 - Work on boxing footwork and boxing related footwork drills.

Round3 - Work on the JAB or 1  The most important punch in boxing.  There are various forms of jabs we will work on.

Round4 - Work on the 2 and 3 (right hand and left hook). We will work with partners on these number sequences.

Round5 - Work on the 4 and 5 (right uppercut and left uppercut). We will work on drills incorporating these punches.

Round 6 - Work on the 6 (right hook). We will work on drills to improve this punch.  My favourite is body punching.  We are going to go over all the body shots. “Put the money in the Bank”.

Round 7 - Now it’s time to put all of the punches together.  We will work throwing a variety of punches in different number sequences.

Round 8 - The name of the game is “Hit and don’t be hit”. We are going to cover all the blocks to offset any offensive attack. (Blocking punches).

Round9 - Work on blocking and counterattacks.  Your opponent throws at you, you make the proper block, and return fire.

Round10 - Work on throwing different combinations while your partner blocks effectively.  There are a number of combinations that can be utilized and we will go over them.

Round 11- Rounds 11 and 12 are considered the championships rounds.  So we are going to go 100%.

Round 12 - 12th and final round!  Time to put it all together and get that heart rate up.  Working on all the punches and going to the body.  “Don’t let it go to the scorecard”.