A big thanks to Josh for keeping us all going.  You’re a great trainer!  I love your fantastic positive attitude and the words of encouragement you gave me and the others throughout the session.  Also, I appreciate the coaching you give on proper technique and the monitoring you do to correct each of us when we are not doing the exercises properly.  That means no injury – which I my age is really important as it takes so much longer to heal.   You’re guidance on post workout stretching and roller techniques, nutrition, other exercise, etc  are of great help and a reminder to keep a discipline on the regime.

I will be back – it would be a shame to stop now- now that I can actually do some push ups and my performance overall has improved!

- Angela


“Since moving to Toronto i've tried different spin classes at several gyms and RPM is the best by a mile. Scott makes 10 minute hill climbs tolerable.”

- Madie


“Experts have long recognized cycling is one of the best forms of aerobic exercise. RPM has taken this to an even more enjoyable level of fitness and enjoyment. The Tour De France challenge at RPM has inspired many spinning enthusiasts and has taken and has taken us through a stage by stage visionary ride, bus also challenges us on a daily basis.  RPM continues to be creative in it’s programming instruction."

- Diane


The fitness consultation with Peter has supported me in working towards my fitness goals. After the initial consultation, Peter and I discussed my needs/goals and developed a plan that would meet these goals (for me this was personal training).  Overtime, the consultations allow you to see your progress towards your goals, which provides the information needed to assess whether the plan is working for you.

– Kirsty